Become an iSteam Licensed Service Provider

Features of the iSteam LSP Program

  • A truly value added service that is GREEN
  • No competition, iSteam Inc. is the first of its kind
  • Not seasonal, work is available year round
  • New and innovative service
  • Yields on average 65% - 95% profit ratio with NO Royalties
  • Flexibility, multi market opportunities
  • Easily Scalable
  • Versatile and Agile
  • Low startup costs

Leadership Opportunities

Entrepreneurs can embrace opportunity and gain market share by moving quickly and by proving themseves.

iSteam offers an opportunity to start and grow your business without the stress of a franchise, but all the training and support.

The chance to make a difference

The best entrepreneur’s want to progress or they get bored. Progress comes from overcoming challenges and small businesses have an abundance of those to surmount. Persistence and perseverance must prevail and champion all obstacles.

iSteam offers the opportunity to work and grow at your own pace.


It’s hard to get to know a large group of people, especially if they’re spread out across multiple locations. Entrepreneurs can leverage existing relationships to create new relationships faster and more effectively than large companies through referrals and testimonials.

iSteam supports the local community by offering LSPs referrals and website support.


Someone can work at a large company for years and never meet the CEO. At a small company every team member usually can interact with the CEO on a regular basis.

Be the CEO of your own business with iSteam support.

Creative Freedom

People generally want to create and innovate. That liberty can be difficult to come by at large corporations where the name of the game is to not rock the boat or do anything that might put existing revenue streams at risk. But small businesses need and appreciate employees who bring creative ideas to the table.

A large business is like a cruise ship. The experience there can be fun, but it moves slowly and steadily. Working at a small business is more like participating in local boat race with all the thrills. iSteam LSPs can create their own niche, client base and offerings.


As a small business owner you might not be able to pay as much or offer the same benefits as a large corporation can. But you do have a lot to offer. Out of chaos comes opportunity. Not every employee will be the right fit for your company. But by advertising the advantages of working at a small business, you can attract many of the best.

iSteam LSPs can contribute to the local economy by hiring local and growing their business.

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