What We Do

Isteam uses dry vapor steam cleaning equipment to solve your toughest cleaning issues, the entire process cleans, sanitizes, and degreases all in one step using superheated dry steam/vapor.

Process, Techniques, & Benefits

  • iSteam offers a significant advantage, its versatility and capabilities offer a deeper more thorough job.
  • It is unlike anything that has been used in a home or business.
  • It is mess-free with temperatures hot enough to kill bacteria and germs, emulsify grease and oil as well as other surface contaminates.
  • The work is done by the heat concentrated at the work surface. The heat dissipates quickly once the vapor expands into the atmosphere.
  • This system is designed to be used through "surface contact" with the areas of concern.
  • The use of a steam system in general contributes directly to better indoor air quality by reducing chemical residuals and removing airborne particles.
  • Many clients are sensitive to residuals left behind by conventional cleaning methods.
  • iSteam gets into the cracks and gaps where conventional cleaning does not.
  • You’ll be amazed at the detail!

How a Vapor Steam Cleaner Works?

Commercial vapor steam cleaner machines use innovative and advanced technology to create high temperature steam. Heat from the portable vapor steamer melts the bond between the surface and the dirt while the moisture holds the dirt in suspension until it can be wiped away using a mop or a towel, or extracted with the use of a vacuum.

Vapor steam cleaners not only clean but also sanitize surfaces with the power of super heated vapor/steam.

Whether applications include tile and grout cleaning in commercial kitchens and bathrooms, or for removing soap scum and mold from bathroom showers and fittings, Isteam does it all!

In short, dry vapor steam cleaning is a truly versatile cleaning system and can be used for various types of cleaning applications across diverse industries.

Major Applications for Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning

  • Washrooms               
  • Clean and sanitize without toxic or tainting chemicals
  • Kill bacteria and viruses preventing food contamination
  • Effortlessly dissolve grease and grime       
  • Sterilize and defrost fridges and freezers
  • Kitchens
  • Showers
  • Grout on floors and walls
  • Mattresses for dust mites and bedbugs
  • Ovens and fridges